I have two identical displays (Samsung SyncMaster 205BW) but I can't get the second display, that I just bought, to a resolution higher than 1280x1024?? THe Main Display #1 is set to 1680x1050 which is ideal.

They are both plugged into an NVidia GeForce 9400 GT video card...
-Display Support
-Multi Monitor
-Maximum Digital Resolution: 2560x1600
-Maximum VGA Resolution: 2048x1536
-Standard Display Connectors
-Dual Link DVI

I am using DVI-D video cables.

I installed the latest driver for the video card.

I have tried using the Windows 7 display adjustment and the NVIDIA Control Panel. I haven't been able to figure it out in either. Please help if you can.

Much Appreciated,

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Do you have the same problem with the second display if you swap them around (plug monitor 1 into monitor 2's port, and vice-versa)? If you still have the same problem with the same physical monitor, then the monitor is bad. If you have the same problem, but with the other monitor, then possibly the card is defective. Another possibility is the cable.

Yeah I tried that... The second display, regarless of position plugged into on the card, or cable used, will not adjust above 1280x1024. Based on your comment maybe the monitor is bad.

I have already contacted the seller (ebay) because of some physical damage (and a dead pixel) that was not disclosed. The top left corner of the bezel has a dent and the seam along the left edge of the casing is open slightly. They have offered a replacement or refund, so that's good.

I didn't know that monitors could go bad this way. I figured that if it turns on and was ajustable at all it could be adjusted to any resolution its specs say that it should support. They can lose that ability? Hmm.

Thanks for your reply rubberman

Well, chips go bad... It may be as simple as a broken circuit board trace, a bad solder point, ... Get a replacement of the monitor would be my advice, especially since you have verified that it is the monitor and not the video card.

FWIW, I have (in the deep dark past) been a fully qualified repair tech for IBM, AT&T, Zenith, and Apple... :-)

Thanks for your input, I appreciate it. The seller got back to me and is willing to replace (if he has another) or refund including shipping.. so thats good anyway :)

Thanks again,

Glad to hear that at the worst you'll get your $$ back. I have a dual 24" display setup (1920x1200). Both are Dell displays, but not the same model, so getting the colors and saturation equal is not really possible - close, but not the same. However, they both look good and I can't hardly tell the difference when running videos. I've been running this setup for over 6 1/2 years on an nVidia 8800GT card. Knock on wood, but it has been totally reliable since I installed the system at the beginning of 2007. The older (left-hand) monitor is a couple of years older than the other. So, 6+ years on one, and 8+ on the other - I really can't complain! No "lost" pixels either! :-)

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