When we turn ON the Destop pc's it gives a BEEP sound of BOOTING RAM....
But when we turn ON LAPTOPS then it doesn't gives BEEP sound .... whats the LOGIC behind it...?

The motherboard has a speaker connection on it, if a beeper or speaker is connected, then it will give a beep at startup. The logic, it just lets you know it's starting up, is all.

If you boot into the CMOS/BIOS setup, there may be an option to disable the beeps. The reason for the beeps is that in the event of an error, the computer will produce a unique beep sequence per error type. You can the. Look up the beep code and figure out what the problem is. This is very helpful when there is no display.

beep sound is indicating the Bios,RAM,VGA are working fine...so it will give one long beep sound ...

Hi! I have a problem that my computer sounds a long beep 2 times and swith off itself when I on the computer.

may be ram has fallen . open it & add it in the same area.

Most desktop PCs will beep to confirm that the POST (Power On Self Test) has completed successfully. This is not the case with most modern laptops, however most laptops and desktops will beep when an error condition prevents them from completing their power on self test.

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