I am currently using a 4GB Transcend USB flash drive.........its working fine but recently a problem has come up.....the drive becomes write protected (goes into read-only mode) on some computers at work(some of them in which I put it for the first time).......other USB drives work in those computers btw..........mine is working fine in other computers but is going into read-only mode in mentioned few......all computers are virus-free.......and there is NO read-only switch in the device.......

Actually I tried this software that write protects your computer, which you can enable before using any USB flash drive (so that, if any, no virus from the comp can enter your drive)...........i used it once in a computer at work (something happened then i guess, coz the comp was a screwed up one, i gave up using the software btw)........i donno what the reason may be........

Briefly, my flash drive gets write protected in some systems......and I need a solution.....any help will be appreciated........

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From what history of this that I know of it's a difference of OS, even by same software co. The usual prob. is a ram drive being setup for average consumer then stuck in an OS using SERVER(NETWORK) software. If there's reliable a fix or patch I'V never seen any evidence of it. As a work around see if your employer's SYSOP will let you logon from home, etc.
btw: Better, more experienced E.U.s have had the same prob. It's basically a MS software bug. Wouldn't hold my breath for a fix. Been around for years now.

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