I have rescently had one of my usbs stolen, and I am wonering how I could make a file that autoruns no matter if the user wants it or not. this program that I would make would find ips of the computer, and the name of the computer and user, and other non harmful information and email it to my email. then I could find that person and ask for my property back.

is there any way that I can do this?


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How would you locate someone based on IP? Not sure if this plan is feasible.

is there any way that I can do this?

That is not really feasible. A well-protected computer will shut that down before it has a chance to run.
Since there has been so much malware over the years that propagated via flash drive and autorun, security measures today commonly disable and actively block it.

Cheers :)

Not sure that would work...you could write something that would reformat their computer when they try to use your memory stick..e.g. if a correct password is not entered within 20 seconds, reformat happen...teach them not to steal?? hmmmm

I was hoping for a less destructive way of dealing with them. Also if IP doesn't work, then I can just take a picture when they plug in the usb, and them mail that.

The problem here is what the ultimate goal is. If you are trying to recover the device, I do not see how. You cannot do so based on IP address, unless you work directly with the ISP and gain access to their records to see what their home address is. That's not going to happen.

If you are concerend about data loss, then the focus should be on encryption of data, or how to destroy the data in the event that someone gains access to it.

it is not the data it is about the usb. I would just like the usb back. I don't care if they deleted everything. I know where I lost it, but I don't know who took it. This would be for future recovery efforts. I could take the make and model of the computer. the os and other such information to narrow down the field and then just ask those if they have seen it.

What you are asking for is more inline with hacking type of activity even if that is not your intention based on what you have described so far. If you were able to collect screenshots, make, model, IP information, then "ask people" if they have seen the USB stick doesnt seem to me a viable approach in the recovery effort.

It would make more sense to have a device that has some type of tracking mechanism (say GPS) and if lost, report it to the authorities so that a legal recovery effort can be made. I know someone that had lost a phone and was recovered in this manner.

then where can I get one of these devices that can fit on a usb?

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