Has anyone here ever used a SATA hard disk in an IDE environment using a SATA to IDE converter? The converter is just a small card with an IDE connector on one side and a SATA connector en the other. If you have did you notice any big improvements?

I'm looking to hear about what you found, or any stats you may know of. It's not an easy subject to Google and find a comprehensive answer, Google churns up all kinds of answers with little relevance.

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I wouldnt tend to think that there would be any improvements in performance. I would expect that the peformance of the system (IDE <--> SATA) would be as fast as the slowest component in that system.

The problem is that at the moment I'm finding conflicting data. So, if anyone has done this and has data... (it only needs to be in very general terms) or knows of a data sheet, I'd be happy to hear it. :)

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