I need to add two more HDD's to my PC, My case says it has the following:

External Bays:  2 x 5.25” External
2 x 3.5” External
Internal Bays:  2 x 3.5” Internal

However the hard drives only fit in the internal bays due the screw holes not being in the correct place on the external bays. (This is all in the case).

How could I get the hard drives to fit in the external bays?

My case is here: http://www.aone.co.uk/LI.asp?ProductID=3369&ProductImag...

The bottom two of the hard drive slots are the internal ones which I am currently using. The ones I want to use are the two above the internal ones but below the 5.25 ones.


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Thank you, but what about the 3.5" external bays, are they used for card readers and things like that?

yes the bottom 2 are for floppy drives or card readers ,
it been awhile but ise to put harddrive in those slots,try them upside down[the data wont fall off .lol] and see if the holes line up , drill some new holes maybe ,of course remove the motherboard first as not to get metal chips on the board

where ever they fit is where i put harddrives
the ssd hdd has no moving parts so you could put that anywhere you want

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