Hello everyone.
I would like to know if there is a factory default configuration for the WD My book world NAS.
I am helping a friend that has one of those in their office and the web interface states that the capacity is 1TB but nowhere in the gui did i find anything about the current raid configuration.

The only option is to change it.
I would like to know if it has 2x1TB disks running raid 1 or 2x500GB disks running raid 0. Nothing found on Western Digital's website or manuals.

Thanks in advance!

There are two possible ways to determine how many drives there actually are. The principle is the bios settings which will probably indicate drive size as well, the other is a setting prompt at boot time from a drive support card installed on the system board. If it's not in either then the OS is NOT going to show it in the gui, such as Device Manager. If you can actually get to the gui then you have at least 1 drive installed which should show up as a standard drive in DM under Disk Drives.

Sorry about the late answer but i had to open the device eventually.
One of the drives was failing now and then, and had to be replaced.

Looks like the default configuration was raid 0 (lame).
Lucky for them i managed to get a full backup of both drives, replaced the faulty one and created a new configuration (raid 1 this time).

Anyway @mechbas, maybe it wasn't clear enough but there is no way to look at the device's bios (if there is such thing in a NAS).
This is the device
And you can only access it by a web interface or ssh.

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