Hi Friends
I have just successfully installed 1GB RAM in my Time Pc running on XP 3 to add to the IGB RAM already there and had intended to install a further memory module, to bring the total up to 3GB. I thought I might as well while upgrading but when I took the PC case off there is only room for a total of two modules although the specs said four spaces are available. There are two further 'beds' (?) with holes for two more slots though. Is it possible and worthwhile fitting the further RAM ? Can I fit a further expansion slot? Thanks for your help.

Adding ram expansion slot is not an easy or risk free task as it require too play with your motherboard. I suggest you to purchase 2 memory modules of 2 GB.

Yeah, go ahead and get 2 sticks of 2gb RAM, however if you're running 4gb's of RAM you will have to run a 64bit OS so you can use the 4gb's.

Thanks for your heklp guys, will probably go for 2GB stick.

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