l have a crushed laptop drive that is partitioned into two.

The C drive is completely unreadable while the secondary drive l can open and read the files but l cant move them from the drive even if l try open and save as for some of them.

Any ideas?

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if it a chrashed drive ,how are accessing the files ,can you drag and drop the file to a hardrive or ThumbDrive berhaps

l can't not drag and drop , thats the main prob l can open the files read but can not do anything that moves the file from its current location

Try plugging this drive into another computer using a USB/ATA interface.

so my other question in my last post ,you didn't answer it ,how are you accessing the drive ,what do you have it hooked up to ??????????????

Sorry for late reply.l am accessing the drive through an externally powerd SATA HDD hub

weird ,you should be able to simply right click and do a copy /paste .
try doing a checkdisk on the drive ,right click the drives icon in mycomputer and go to tools and setup the check disk there

try to connect with another system as hard as you can..

u can delete ur all pertision & make new drives.

commented: are you even reading the questions you are replying to? -2

And how does that help in recovering data, as the OP asked? It just deletes all the data... Please, read the question that you are 'answering' (I use that word with a fair amount of ironic intent given your posting history so far) and then stop and think whether you can add any help, any value, at all to the thread before you start typing.

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