I have a problem with a 500GB SATA HDD, it is a western digital.
I have the following problem:

This HDD has high writing and reading speeds. Smart Status is ok.
But the problem is formatting, it takes ages. Installing windows takes ages too.
But what is weird is that if I copy 4 GB to it, it copies with 45 MB/Ps and the files can be read.

What do you think is wrong?
Can you help me?

Best wishes,

Jeannot Thewissen

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Update: I formatted as Fat32 and that goes fast. Only NTFS format is soo slow.

Yes, if you are formatting the partition using hte NTFS file system, if you dont choose "quick", the formatting process till take some time depending on the size of the partition you are trying to format.

I tried quick format, still it takes several hours. If i format and I can access the disk. The read write speeds are high. When no Filesystem is there it takes ages to format.

The read and write speeds are low without file system (HD Tune PRO Benchmark)

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