I built a basic PC for a family friend, really basic. He just fetched it me to say, he'd switched it on as normal but the system didn't switch on.........

I Have looked at it, changed the case and the PSU, but I still can't get it to switch on, even tried a new Mobo to see if thats the issue, still nothing:mad:

Please help, he needs it for tomorrow.



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Maybe the switch is not connected properly or faulty.
Try shorting the 2 pins on the motherboard that the switch is connected to.
Some PSU-s have switch on them (back side). Maybe you missed it.

Are there ANY lifesigns? Lights, beeps, fans spinning?

You said that you tried different PSU and different Motherboard.

It's down to CPU. Some motherboards make beeps even without CPU installed. Try uninstalling CPU an see what happends. Make sure you're grounded and use those gloves.

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