My laptop (Sony FS640/W) got dropped a while back and then a verticle, red line appeared on it, the length of the entire screen, but the width of a pixel. Another line then appeared next to it around the next week, making it look like one big one, then another line appeared, it's blue. Currently, I got 6 lines, all spaced aproximetly evenly from each other. When I bend the screen to the right, the lines dissappear, so it's a hardware problem. I couldn't get any service for my laptop (Don't ask me why), but if I can diagnose the problem, I have a friend that might be able to fix it (Like a broken cable connection.etc). My uncle came to Canada for Christmas (He works at HP) and he said that some wires were making a connection (He didn't open the casing). I'll send pictures later, please see if you can still help though!

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You probably need to replace the LCD panel. It could be the connection to the motherboard, or the cable, even. I would suggest that you contact the manufacturer of the laptop, and see if they have a spare parts department that offers replacement LCDs.

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