Hi, I recently bought a new PC from www.aria.co.uk. It was pre-built when I got it and I never opened it til after the problems started. Unfortunately, I dont have warranty on it so need to fix this myself. The specs are as follows:

AMD Sempron 3100 754 64bit Retail
16x DVDRW Silver DL
1024MB PC3200 DDR
Floppy + Card Reader Beige
200GB SATA Hard drive with 8m Cache
Arianet MIDI Tower2 Blk/Sil
Foxconn 760GXK8MC-S SiS760GX Skt 754 Motherboard
Radeon 9600Pro 256mb Graphics Card
Sound On Board
On Board LAN

After it arrived, I turned it on and everything worked fine. I installed windows and still, everything was fine. I shut it down and proceeded to move it somewhere more convinient. I unplugged the connections, moved it, re-connected and went to sleep without turning it on.

The next day I woke up and it won't turn on, and the fuse for the top floor in my house had blown. I repopped the fuse and tried again, to no avail; still won't come on. I replaced the power supply, and bought a surge protected extension lead, and hey presto, it came on!... Only nothing happens.

Nothing comes on the monitor at all. I tested the monitor, graphics card, HDD and RAM, and they all work fine. This leads me to think it's the motherboard or processor.

Because there's no beep error code when I turn it on, i'm led to believe that something on the motherboard has blown and needs to be replaced. What I want to know before I go and do the aforementioned thing, is... is it likely to be the problem? And could it be the processor? I don't want to waste money as I'm sure you can understand.

Thanks for reading, hope to hear back soon. :D

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Unless you have some other CPU or motherboard with same type of slot, you'll need to take the machine to repairshop. No way of telling what is it this way.

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