Hello, can anyone help me. :cry: I don't know what to choose for audio recordings.
I need to record live music both in a theatre and small room AND to be able to record several interviews. I'd prefer NOT having to buy 2 different pieces of equipment (I don't have a lot of money to spend). What is the best thing I need - I've seen a Sony md walkman audio recorder and Sony or Panasonic voice recorders. Would either do in my case. I also want to transfer these recordings on to my PC and in the case of music, burn them to CDs. The voice recordings need to be transcribed and elaborated with word for windows then printed (they are for my final thesis at university) and powerpoint, for presentation to the examiners. Please can someone help me ASAP, I have my first interview next week, and I would like to record my chamber music concert (I'm a musician also) which is in a few weeks time.
Thanks in advance

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To record music w/ any quality is something beyond a Sony MD. The MD would be the best solution for interviews and stuff (assuming it comes with the mic and is ready to do this type of thing) For music I've used my laptop w/ Adobe Audition or (my favorite) Apples Garage Band (which comes w/ Apple Computers). iPods also have an accessory to record things like interviews if you happen to own an iPod already. Hope this helps a little.


Thanks, I've decided to buy a sony MD and in a few weeks time either a sony or panasonic voice recorder (so I can try and transcribe with dragon naturally speaking). I've read that it can "read" voices???

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