Alright, so basically I have my Steelseries Siberia plugged into my ASUS G55. It works completely fine and all, except for one thing. Whenever it hasn't played a sound in a while, and I play a sound, it doubles the sound; Sound both coming out from the headset, and the laptop. It's really annoying as I've been having this problem for over a year - However, I do have a fix for this; Take out the headset plugin or jackstick or w/e (the one for the sound ofc), and put it in again. It fixes the problem, TEMPORARILY. I would love a fix that is permanent so I don't have to replug it everytime, please help me. Thank you.

hi, have no idea how to fix it but lets troubleshoot it.
what have you tried so far to do to fix it,reinstall drivers ,ect ect
how does it pluc into the laptop ,mini-pin or USB ,whats a jackstick??
what version of windows are you using .

check there faq page maybe

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