Hi to all,
I am having 1.75 GB of RAM on my 32-bit PC. The speed of computer is very slow for first 15-mins.
What should I do to increase speed.
Please suggest me, I am very new in this thing.


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You haven't told us what computer you have or what windows version you have. Without that all we could do is make a guess on how to speed it up!


Chances are you are on a windows OS so I will give some suggestions based on that:

readyboost from a pen drive could help. Also defragment your computer. Move items from your desktop elsewhere. Items on your desktop make startup slower. Also if you search for msconfig and run it then you will have startup as an option, until any items on startup that you don't want. Many times people have too many programs runnning on startup. Also you can get a cleaner.bat file to remove temp files etc.

Also look into any memory upgrades you can do, however with 32-bit architecture it will be limited.

Hope this helps. If your not using a windows OS then I will leave it to a Linux or Mac user to answer you.

@Rik from RCE,
Thanks for suggestion.
I am having Windows XP Professional 2002.

Thanks for suggestion. I tried 'msconfig' before this, it shows following startup program out of which, i am not understanding which are important? Please tell me that important program from following list.
8.OneNote 2007.

Well you probs don't need to oneNote to open on startup. Also I am assuming the list is longer than just 8, look out for things like skype or msn messenger etc. The others you listed I would leave alone.

Hi , slow for first 15mins ? could be excessive user installed apps and slow hard disk drive (which includes virtual memory)
As using XP Windows I suggest install Winpatrol - startup manager
Evaluate all listed programs and disable those user installed apps not used immediately after every start up
You can easily enable / disable components
Better still uninstall those user (you) installed applications no longer required
Winpatrol seems to list more programs than msconfig

Best ensure all user installed application programs that require registration are registered (no expired trialware that demand payment or uninstallation of app)

Could also be malware - as such I suggest evaluate current installation by running StopZilla , after running full file scans using existing security programs
For this diagnostic evaluation disable "real-time protection" when installing StopZilla so as to reduce possible conflicts
Remove all parasites

If these procedures restore normal operating conditions then consider upgrading hardware devices
Let me guess your cuurent computer spec : late model budget P4 , about 3GHz , HT or Pentium D, onboard video, PATA drive but with onboard SATA drive support, no recovery disk
There should be support for upgrades that increase performance when running low / medium resource usage apps , particularly in regards to graphics quality and reductions in time to complete maintenance scans, browser performance

may be when ur computer loading some applications run, stop these. then may
be cumputer will be faster.
Go start> in run box write "msconfig">there from startup menu disclick
unimportant applications

Do you have any virus or stuff like that? Remove them if you have.
Next, run disk defragmenter. It's in system tools in accessories. Analyze your drives and defragment them. That should increase your speed. A good computer user would generally run defragmenter under windows once a month.

I think you should format you hardisk and load all your progroms again if the problem still persist then buy an ssd to your computer this will solve your problem

Remove unnecessary programs that cause your computer to start late. Have a disk cleanup or defragment ur drive onece in week and dont save any thing on desktop as ti will take time to boot.

Delete unnecessory files from your PC, use Ccleaner software for deleting temporary files and dont save any data on your desktop.

Dont save anything on desktop, it also reduces the speed of PC.

yes rightly said by Amol555. Also defragment the drive once in a month and dont install unnecessary software, disable all start up applications or for best result purchase an SSD to speed up your pc.

< 2 GB RAM is a definite issue.
Get another 1 - 2 GB if you can afford to do so, it will make a world of difference.

Everyone seems to have done a good job of pointing out the other potential issues. Good luck!

Buy an ssd it will solve all your problem. but the thing is that ssd is too costly.

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