Good morning to all:

Wonder if you can help me, I read various threats, still confused and runing out of ideas, and patience, and $$$.
Here is the problem:
A couple weeks ago my pc shut itself off, the only way to restart it was to reset (reset power supply) wouldn't repost. It would start but no video card or the motherboard's vid.

Replaced PSU, pc restarts, posts, have to reset bios runs for about 10 min. than shuts ifself off, and go through same steps as above except it posts (video), reset bios, restarts and shuts off within sec. same happens, until I wait awhile (10-15 min) runs for about 15 min and same all over again. Even if nothing other than ram and cpu is plugged in still shuts off.
To me it seems like a heat prob. but cpu is running at 40C shut off temp is 85C.
Everything unplugged just running ram and cpu and motherboard's vid does same.
What I did:
Replaced PSU, replaced Motherboard, waiting for a cpu (will come with a fan and heatsink)
Tried another case same happens
Tried new motherboard, w/ new psu w/ different chip and different ram same happens
The only thing I haven't tried is with another cpu fan!!! (Waiting to receive it with new cpu)
Also I should add tried hhd on another pc no prob, tried ram no prob couldn't try cpu w/fan cause other pc won't accept pentium d.
Need to state that I took the pc to work (different location) still does the same.
Any Ideas
Going out of my mind with this never had something similar happen.
Thanks for reading

holly cow that sounds like a mess.

it does sound to me like a cooling problem. so once your new heat sync and fan comes in give that a try and let us know.

May I add that I tried hhd, and ram on another pc no prob
Have everest software running now (pc running as I write don't know for how long)
First time usually runs for awhile
Field Value

CPU 36 °C (97 °F)
WDC WD4000AAJS-00YFA0 38 °C (100 °F)

Cooling Fans
CPU 2557 RPM

Voltage Values
CPU Core 1.31 V
+2.5 V 1.60 V
+3.3 V 3.30 V
+5 V 4.92 V
+12 V 11.78 V
+5 V Standby 4.76 V
VBAT Battery 3.25 V
Debug Info F 42 FF 00
Debug Info T 127 127 36
Debug Info V 52 64 CE B7 B8 77 50 (F7)
This is the findings

well you only have one thing left to replace and if that doesn't work i don't know what to tell you.

Received the chip
No luck new chip with fan and heatsink,
no go, tested the power supply it states it is good running out of $$$ and ideas and mind. Whatever it is once it starts to shut down (probably something heatin up) it does it right after leaving or within bios.

CPU's either work or they dont....unless its heat related, its unlikely that they fail causing random shuts then allow start up later on.

I was going to suggest its possibly software related with either a corrupt OS, a buggy app install or Malware infection.

Have you tried a format and clean install of the OS?

But you sort of threw me with this

it does it right after leaving or within bios.

Software is about the only thing left to go wrong. he has replaced everything but the HDD.

holly cow that sounds like a mess.

it does sound to me like a cooling problem. so once your new heat sync and fan comes in give that a try and let us know.

well i think this person really giv u a great idea..u must follow it

one more thing it may be little bit expensive or it cause of hdd bad sectors..i am not sure but it may be cz of it as well

Okay Fixed
I knew it had to have a solution
Here is what happened, 1st replacement was the power supply then pratically everything else
after testing and retesting bought a power supply tester, it said good, but last night I thought machine runs then starts to have problems after 10 15 min., once it started I unplugged everything and tested the power supply, and Offcourse!!! bad. bought one today and so far no problems. UUUUFFFFF

Glad to see you got it figured out. iv never seen a PSU do that before mine have always just gone out all at once. well i guess you learn something new every day.

look at it this way... you can now take all the parts from your old computer that you thought where bad and build another computer.:)

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