i got a new headset and when i got i home i open it and found that it had to plugs but my computer only has one plug and i want to know do i need to return it or is there some way to make it work

One will be for mic, the other for sound. The single plug on your computer will be for headphones (vs head set). How old is the computer and have you plugged a mike into it before?

Are the tips of the cables colored? How many of these colors correspond to the connectors on your sound card?

You may see these colors on your sound card:
White or Yellow: digital out typically used with surround sound equipment
Blue: Sound in for connecting an external audio source
Pink: for the microphone connection.
Green: Sound out for your speakers/headphones
Black: Another sound out connector.
Orange: Another sound out connector.

You may want to refer to the headset's documentation and your audio cards documentation as well.

i have a laptop and it is only one year old it the headset cables are not color codes they have a head phones and a mic on the cables ya i had one with one cord for both

Can you please clarify/re-word your last post? It is not clear and difficult to understand.

my headset has two cables one for the sound and one for my mic and my computer has one plug for a cabel that is both the headphones and the mic i want to know what i can to make it work or do i need to buy a new head set

Sounds like you need what is called a "headset splitter adapter". They are inexpensive... under $10 US.

ok i was thinking that would work but i wanted to make sure