I got some "funny" jokers at home, that set password on my PC as a "joke", but "funny" jokers, forgot to write password.
Now I'm stuck with HDD with password on it, without any real important data.
This is HDD, whose password cannot be bypassed. I decided to erase all data.

I tried to access HDD, by connecting it to "external enclosure for a 2.5" hard disk". So in general, I put my HDD inside, then connect "that thing" with my another computer by USB that was included in package.

I went to "Partiton Manager" from Windows. Which told me to "initialize" drive. There were two options. Whenever I choose one and pressed "Ok", I got these messages:

I downloaded EaseUs Partition Manager and using it, I tried to initialize it, but I got error prompt:
And even when it didn't succeeded, program updated system information about drive. It says 465GB unused. I tried to create empty partition which I set to be 100% of drive. The following error I got:

Now, I downloaded Paragon Harddisk Manager and when I tried to click on "Create Parition", without even pointing to disk. Following error prompted:

This disk works. It was new drive, that is from laptop that is 6 months old. It only has password on it.
In most cases, as so far as I see. It looks like drive is "write protected", how to disable it?

I would say you will proabably have to wipe the drive with a DOD level drive wipe application in order to be able to use it again.

Unless it is based on the drive being encrypted by the drive bios somehow that should work.

It's not BIOS. We removed BIOS, it asked again for password.

This looks pretty interesting. But I don't know if it will ask me for which disk I am looking for, or it will wipe my whole computer out.

@edit - See, I can't do that. The reason is, I need to connect my HDD by USB, which I don't think works out of operation system.

@edit 2 - Would you like to recommed something to me? I browsed through internet for all these "Disk Nukes". But there are so many questions to ask about before I can even think of burning/double-cliking them. Is there program you are familiar with and you think it's good?

I suggest downloading UBCD which is a bootable CD image you can write to a CD and then boot from. It has multiple drive utilities that should do the trick one way or another.


If you are worried about damaging your current system put the drive back in the system it was in to begin with and run the boot cd from there with no other drives attached.

I'd boot from a live Linux DVD/CD, and then wipe the drive entirely with the dd command. Assuming that the drive is /dev/sdb, to this: dd of=/dev/sdb if=/dev/zero bs=1M
That will erase the drive, writing 0x00 to each position (byte) on the disc. Then you should be able repartition it and create a new file system on the partition(s), or install a new OS on the drive.

Rubberman. Did I mention that only partitioning programs see that drive attached? Attached Hard Disk doesn't appear in explorer. Do you think, that Linux will catch it?

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