Ok here is the skinny, i have an old system that runs win XP MCE. recently the PC would not boot up, so i did the regular T-Shooting. i realized the cpu was overheating. and the T-Grease was virtually nil. place some new T-grease and after a few tries it was booting up. a few days pass and i try to boot up, but lo and behold the HDD starting making a clanking soung. i said to myself AHHHH shooot i blew another HDD. i have a restore set so i pop in the western Digital cd , boot up, test the drive and format it. now here is the kicker. connects the formated HDD and each time i try to boot, no bios screen nothing the monitor just come on( green light) as if receiving a signal. then goes back (orange).if the HDD is left connected the pc powers down on it's own if the HDD are disconnected the PC boots to the bios but reports no bootable device found, i know i would get that. pop the restore set in it boots up to the logon screen but mouse and keyboard does not respond. so i unplug mouse and re-insert nothing, did the same for keyboard- remove and re-insert and the monitor goes blank. so i was like what the FLIP. Any suggestion help are welcome

check the hdd connector or try using another hdd, if still the same then it could be a faulty mobo..

I don't see how the CPU's damaged if it does any stuff at all. Could be a short on the mobo which vacuuming could remove.

These things usually spell the end for a particular PC.

i have treid other HDD but the pc only shuts off as soon as i power it on. BTW i has a second mobo same make and model thast had a currupt bios, so i switch the bios chip and i still get the same problem with thenother mobo.

this should have been marke solved a long time ago, It was the HDD that was the problem, i ran HDD regenerator on it and the starting head were really damage, trashed it and got and new one also i did an upgrade of the PC, Moboard, HDD, Processor, and Memory

Thanks for your inputs