Hi friends, Im newbie here and I dont know if this thread suppose to be in this cat sorry for that...so here is my problem, my laptop was broke last week and wont boot anymore. Now, the only thing that I could recover files is by extracting my hard disk and put it into hdd enclosure but the problem is that I could not access some localdisk. It was actually 3 drive partition c,d,e,f the two of them were fine while the other are not accessible(drive c and f) and right clicking them will only result crushing my desktop(win8). Is there any way to resolve t his?? any thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated thank you in advanced ..oops, sorry for my badenglish :)

Burn and boot a live Linux CD/DVD image disc (a recent distribution that supports NTFS partitions). Then, assuming the disc is /dev/sdb (your normal system disc should be /dev/sda, but use fdisk -l to see for sure), use this command: fsck -f /dev/sdbN where N is the number of the bad partition. That should fix (as much as is possible) the bad partition. Alternatively, you can boot into Windows, and mark the bad partition to be checked and recovered on reboot. Then, reboot, and the Windows chkdsk tool should recover anything that is possible. Myself, I prefer the Linux tools - I generally find them more reliable when a disc and/or partition is really munged up.