I am looking for CD copier software which copies directly to CD, without first going onto hard-drive. My PC has Windows Me. Have heard good stuff about Ashampoo Burning Sutdio 6 ... anyone comment on this? At present, I have Musicmatch Jukebox installed...want to replace it, since I find it does not have what I want, and does not seem esp. easy, anyway. ALSO: do I have to format Sony CD-R discs before I use them? I want to create a library of music discs. (Yes: I am very new to all this!). Thanks for any help you can offer.

There is no formating to cd's, no matter what brand they are (they are all basically the same give or take some maybe a tiny bit higher quality than others), the computer does all formatting for you :)

As of software, if you have 2 cd drives (one has to be a burner) you can copy cd->cd without the hard drive needed. My girlfirend uses roxios easy cd creator (came with her dell) for this and it seems to work well (I've used it a few times as well). There are many others out there too, but i can only comment on that one from expirence.

Basically what nizzy said. I just wanted to add that if you have two CD drives, you can also use Nero.

You can also try using cdrdao and cdrtools. They are free and open source.

If you are into linux, you can use Coaster, which is a nice burner for Gnome.

you can also buy CDs in any music store.

you can also buy CDs in any music store.

This posting wasnt intended to promote piracy, just merely a way to back up your cd's. I cant tell you how many cd's ive lost because they have got scratched so bad from bouncing around in my car. I, like many others, back up each disk that i buy, incase the origional ever gets destroyed.

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