I made the biggest mistake of my life when i purchased my Area-51 770. The overheating is outstanding- unfortunatly my video card was already shot by the time i knew there was any issue.

I have a 3500$ Laptop sitting here rotting. I would love Love LOVE to know where i could buy a new video card. Alienware just sends me through the eternal loop. They wont let me know the price of the damn card before I actually purchase the card.

My laptop wont turn on at all now.

If anyone has any suggestions- please speak up. Any help would be appreciated!

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You've called them with the exact model of your video card and the exact model of your system, and they've not told you the exact price? That's a bit odd...


Please don't scare me while I have an AlienWare machine about to be shipped out before the end of the week.


thats odd, is the warranty ok??? if not, alienware might still not charge you, it is alienware after all, :)
Just call them up or take it to where you bought it (please dont tell me that you bought it online)

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