Just finished building my first computer employing an MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum mobo and two sata hdd's [not to be used in RAID, just one working and the other for storage] Hdd's are OEM's so no info came with them, but I have two floppy's that came with the mobo. One is "G72-SILR010, Silicom Image SATA,RAID Driver for Sil3114" for XP,
the other is "G72-MNPR001, nVidia nForce4 SATA RAID and PATA RAID merge driver for XP" Now, I've installed all hardware items, powered everything and ready to install Windows XP Home SP2. I changed the boot sequence in BIOS so my cd-rom would be the first boot drive. Before I powered down after changing BIOS I put my XP disc in the cd-rom and restarted my computer. A blue screen came up [not the dreaded blue screen of death] and welcomed me to the "windows setup page". The setup page was gathering information at the bottom of the screen, when it finished it gave me the option to install windows XP by pressing "enter" which I did. It then presented me with the "end user licence agreement" [several pages] I scrolled to the bottom reading very little on the way [ far to wordy] When I got to the bottom I had three options. 1 - F8=I agree
2 - ESQ - If I disagree
3 - EXIT the setup
I pressed F8 and it did nothing, just hung. I rebooted and tried several times, to no avail. I hit ESC and it would just reboot and the whole process would start over again.
In my BIOS, it shows there is no IDE primary master or slave. My dvd-rw and dvd-rom show as secondary IDE master and slave, third and fourth are the two sata hdd's. Do I have to do something regarding these RAID drivers to get windows to load to a sata hdd. Im lost and I need some direction, can anyone help me out of the dark? any help would be appreciated.

Hi slo_byrne1, welcome to DaniWeb :)

That motherboard's SATA controller supports RAID (the floppies you have are the RAID software/driver disks). Assuming that you are not intending to use RAID, the first thing to do would be to turn off the RAID option(s) in your BIOS before trying to install Windows.

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