Hello people
Recently I just bought this Ramfrom Newegg for upgrading another DDR333 PC2700 512MB Ram to my computer.. Ive been researching for a long time and most of the ppl from other forum say i can use both on my comp they match up..

Here are some of the information of mycomp
AFter I plugged in the new ram, everything seems fine. Then it seemed that the comp case were filled with dust, so i got out the dust sprayyer or cleaner and start spraying the case.
Then I closed up the case cover and plug in the power and start the computer. After I press the power button and started it, A low beep voice came out from the case. it sounded 4-5beeps stops for 2 sec and 2 beeps after it and stops, but the light from the motherboard and fans are still on, screen doesn't show up anything.. Can anyone tell me what to do please
or else .. i would have to spend another big amount of money to find a geek to fix this computer again :!:

It seems like I have the same problem as this guy do here but i haven't called the UQI company yet.

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pull out the ram sticks, blow out the slots again, and reinsert the ram amd make sure they are firmly inserted and it should work. It sounds like you are getting the beep code errors for a ram problem. I would bet its just dirty or not inserted all the way.

It seems like Nothing changed after i blew it and replace the ram back in.
There were still the beep sound..
I am not sure if I damaged anything when i sprayed the interior case as i told b4.

and my other question is, is it expensive for paying 100 dollars for asking people to just check what problem my pc is having?

I had that problem once, the tech told me that my motherboard had crashed because of something simple like that. It was 4 years ago and I didn't have the cash back then to pay them to get a new mobo. Never did quite figure it out though. You could try something simple like diconnect all your plug and play devices, and cd roms, etc. then just run the pc with the most minimal power usage. see where that will take you, it'll then be your power supply... no guarentee.. just a suggestion.. it could be a lot of things...

Thanks for your suggestion
Tho Someone already fixed it for me. It was just some connective problem with the ram and motherboard

It sounds like you are getting the beep code errors for a ram problem

just as Nizzy has said. Eventually, he reseated the Ram for me and everything runs fine now. And also i m planning to change a new case.. i dun want to mess up anything again so i m asking pc club to help me. $90 bucks for changing fee and $50 bucks for the case.. is that expensive?

in my opinion that is very expensive! labor that costs 2 times as much as the product itself?!? generally speaking, it should only take you about an hour of going slow to get it all installed.

if you know how to use a phillips screw driver, and can remember where the cables get plugged in (just write it down or take a picture if you can't) you shouldnt have a problem at all. i know many people that were intimitated by doing it at first, but suprised theirselves that they actually did it. but i guess if your not feeling up to it then maybe 90 bucks isnt to much

That's right, the price is a bit pricey and you would save a lot of money doing it yourself. Just take the time and be very careful as stated above. You can get a pretty cheap priced case from Geeks.com. It'll run you anywhere from $20 to $45 for a decent and even stylish case. You'll find a good one there. Good luck.

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