Hello there i would like to ask about my laptop which i got her in the PH for P14,999 and like $333
It's a Dell Inspiron N4050 and the salesman say it's really for gaming
Pls find it here

But still i don't get why it doesn't perform well when i play COD,BF3,NBA 2k14 & League of Legends especially when i, for example(i am playing BF3 while playing a song on iTunes, then it really doesn't give delays or lags but when i close the app iTunes MiniPlayer it transforms into a world of extreme lag and delays even with delays on sounds)

So is there something in my Machine that i could change or maybe take off

Re: Balancing CPU and Ram 80 80

I'll work out how to tell MiniPlayer does. This is the link to the download will benefit ..........

Download IrfanView free

Re: Balancing CPU and Ram 80 80

You can change the power profile. It may be set on whatever serves for conserving battery. You can change that to a "balanced" profile, so that when the computer needs more CPU to run applications such as your games, it will speed up the processor. I think you can change the power profile by right-clicking on the battery icon in the dock.

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