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I've just purchased a new laptop, an Acer V3-571G which has an advertised battery of up to five hours. Obviously this is going to be dependant on what you are running, but even when using Ubuntu 13.04 to simply browse the internet, check emails and do some word processing, the battery discharges at a significant rate.

Attached is the discharge profile, which as you can see in about 50 minutes the battery is already 50% depleted, this being with the screen brightness reduced to the minimum and doing nothing which requires intensive power consumption.

Do you think it is a faulty battery, a problem with the laptop itself, or is Ubuntu 13.04 just very power hungry?


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Before you reach that level, try pressing a combination of fn and the key with the battery icon [Mine is f3].

At first I also thought that my battery was depreciating, but when I pressed that, my battery came back to life and added a good 2 hours to the battery strength.

Try that. At least b4 u think of replacing.

Ih, and when you press the combination, give it a few moments then check your battery discharge levels ....

Thank you for the suggestion, however I don't have any key which would suggest it has anything to do with the battery. F3 is for the wireless card and none of the others have anything to do with the battery.

Hmm, in that case, you may surely have to replace the battery ... Or alternatively, u can ask a pal who may be having the same machine, and try it out on his; so that you can establish how exactly the battery is being eaten up.

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