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I recently aquired a Sony Vaio VGN-T1XP laptop. The problem with it is, you switch it on, the green power, orange battery, orange hdd status, wireless and bluetooth lights are all on. The screen doesn't change at all. No backlight comes on, nothing appears on the screen, no sound comes out, except for the CD-Rom drive spinning up initially and the hdd briefly spins. If you leave it on for a while (Say 30 mins) eventually the CPU fan kicks in and starts to cool the processor. I have repeatedly taken apart and put back together the laptop to no avail. I have had a handful of times when the laptop has actually past the POST stage. When this happens the VAIO logo appears and a sound plays, it will even boot into windows and you can access the BIOS. But it seems these were freak incidents, as probably only 2 out of 100 attempts are successful, when trying to boot.

I would appreciate ANY form of help, any ideas welcome.
Thank you in advance.


I have a Vaio PCG GRZ630 that had the same problem. They replaced some chips in the power supply. It is acting up again (same problem - crashes and won't POST for while). Hopefully, they will make it right.

The company is Laptops On Call (