Hi everyone ,
i have an : dell optiplex 760 small tower like this one

and as you know this tower is small, i don't have the possibility to put more drives and stuff ...
i want to take the motherboard and all the stuff and put it into A case like this (dell optiplex gx620)


is this possible ?
thank's in advance

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HYes it will fit. The tin plate that surrounds the rear usb and serial ports etc may be different but it can be left off if you arent bothered by it it wont hurt anything. Alternatively you can pick up the plate for around 3 bucks.

So yeah but if you wanted room for more drives I would get A bigger case than that even.

thank you so much my friend , i just realised that i won't make any change , there are 2 sata port only in the motherboard

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