I am thinking of making my own computer. I have a budget of around £350, what parts should i buy? I have never made a computer before and i'm planning on using it for music, writing documents ect

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Well, a local computer shop where I live does a complete PC with Win 7 pre installed for £275. It's a 2.6 dual core with 4gb ram, a dvd burner and a 250gig sata hdd. I recon that is good value for money and plan on getting one for myself in a week or 2.

Okay sounds good, but I was hoping to make one. Do you think i could buy one and modify the RAM and stuff? Whats the mother board like?

Usually more expensive buying parts. Quite a few on-line companies sell 'Barebones' units that you can customise, basically a case with PSU and motherboard to various levels of spec

It has a Gigabyte mobo which is a decent enough make.
It has on-board graphics but also has a pci-e x16 slot for a good graphics card if needed.
I have so far gotten 3 of those machines for a client and she is very happy with them and tells me they are quick, quiet, and reliable.

I've also bought several motherboard bundles from Novatech, one last week! Had no problems at all!

Yeah I've used them since like 2006 or something.

Sorry, brain's going. Last weeks was a Gigabyte motherboard from Amazon. It's in this PC!!

id recommend a barebones kit for starters, and from that built up to something better

For those that are considering building your own PC...keep in mind that the computer can only run as fast as its slowest components. Therefore, pay close attention to your secondary storage (hard drives). This is where you want to spend a little bit more to get the best performing hardware.

Well playing with basics hardwares and assemble the entire pc are two very different sort of tasks assembling a custom pc is not a piece of cake though

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