I have a computer that was left plugged into the surge protector afterastorm the cords were found melted to surge protector. I cant get into the computer to get the specs on it. I plug the monitor to another hard drive and it comes on just makes popping noises but it works. The hard drive in question you turn it on no beeps the fans come on the lights come on & when the case is off the light to the motherboard is on. When you connect the mointor the this computer the LED light goes to yellow and nothing is booting at all. What will be the most likely issue?

afterastorm the cords were found melted to surge protector

What will be the most likely issue

fried components in the computer and monitor ,and im sure more than we could determine from afar .good luck

I don't think the Surge Protector has done its job. Sorry to hear about your situation, because as far as you are concerned you did all you could to protect your system.

Considering the symptoms you describe, it appears that your motherboard has been fried. But with that much current there may be more extensive damage yet to be discovered with your memory and video card.

This said, there may still be hope. Many years ago a lightening strike hit us and I thought that my PC had been fried, it wouldn't boot. I removed everything and then began reintroducing parts. It turned out that my 2.4Kbps modem (yes, it was that long ago) and Hard Drive were fried, as well as a minor issue with the motherboard. Maybe these steps will help you?

Remember ESD precautions.

1) Keep your PSU (Power Supply Unit) and Motherboard as they are in the PC and disconnect everything else, taking out any cards and memory. Make sure the internal speaker is connected if there is one.

2) Using the jumper on your Motherboard reset the CMOS.

3) Connect the Power cables from the PSU to the Motherboard and turn the PC on. (There should be no other hardware fitted, no memory fitted, only what is necessary to turn the PC on for testing)

4) When you turn on the PC you are hoping to hear a sequence of beeps. If you hear them then the BIOS is complaining that there is no memory fitted - this is a very good sign. If there are no beeps, and you are sure the internal speaker is connected, then this is evidence of your Motherboard being dead. There is no point in testing any further.

5) Remembering to disconnect your PC at each stage of inserting each piece of hardware, start fitting each item of hardware part by part, starting with one memory module at a time.(power off, fit a memory module, power on test. Power off, remove that module and replace it with another, power on test... etc, etc...)

Let us know how you get on, please. If you need any of these points clarifying, just say and either me or any of the helpful people on these forums will be happy to help. :)

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