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Customer has an Epson 2460 scanner, attached by a firewire cable to an old XP pc.
His replacement pc has win7 and is also running XP in a VM Workstation. He wants to continue to use XP, partly because of the emails (under OExpress) and partly because he has various other packages that will only run under XP, and he does not want to upgrade them.

The problem is, that Epson does not provide any drivers for that scanner for use with Win7, only drivers for XP. Epson says that he should use VueMax instead of the Epson software to drive the scanner in Win7.
Under Win7 the scanner is only recognised using VueMax, so it does not scan directly into an application.
When he tries xpscanning under XP (in VM Workstation) the scanner works OK for 1 page (sometimes 2) and then XP loses connection to the scanner, and the connection only seems to be able to be restored by restarting the host system. This applies whether the the scanner is attached by firewire or visa USB, although the USB connection is even more difficult to establish.
I have found that the scanner will still operate perfectly well on the old XP pc, and so networking them provides a temporary solution - but that pc is on its last legs.
Can anyone give me a clue as to how to have his new system drive that scanner?

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