Hi guys, this is the always recurring problem. I have a small HP laptop, in which suddenly, the USB ports have started to malfunction. I have updated all the USB drivers but the problem persist. Have any of you any clue on how to fix this? Regards.

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Does it correct itself after a reboot?

Hi Jorge! No, the USB ports work ramdomly. For example. The printer works out, but the mouse and a pendrive don´t. I have been with this problem for a few weeks. At the beginning I did not pay much attention. But now I am tired of it. Basically, the laptop does not recognize it, and the USB doesn't work anymore. Thank you for your interest. :)

For solution of this problem , first right click on the "My computer" then go to the "Manage" then click on the option in the left box "Device Manager" , after doing this click on the last option which display on the right pannel "Universal Serial Buss Controller" and enable all the options there and then your usb ports should work properly.If the problems remains then it would be there some tecnical problem and you have to consult with any technition of computer hardware.


I've had this problem with Windows 7 frequently. The solution we found was to go into the device manager and remove all the USB devices and hubs, then reboot. The system will find the hardware and reconfigure the drivers and such. I have to do this every few months... :-(

docking problems KP080AA usb ports don't work,my 2nd screen works,my mouse and keybord plugins,but the usb ports are dead and stay dead,what must i do?

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