alright, my laptop has been overheating lately and i tried to clean it of dust, while opening the compartments, i opened the one for my hard drive, unknowingly, and i didnt touch it or anything just pulled it out half way, and put it back. started up my computer and it worked fine, i left my room and came back and saw the it had shut down.

now when i start it up it goes to the gateway screen, then it goes to an error message that says

PXE-E61: media test failure, check cable
PXE-MOF: exiting broadcom PXE rom

i tried to get help from gateway but the options they gave me didnt solve the problem.
i went into my bios and it says my hard drive is not detected

is there anyone who can help me? i want to fix the problem without having to re-boot and loosing all my computers documents and such.


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did you pull the drive out again and put it back in correctly this time

take the hdd out and reinstall it. Check all the cables are connected right then go into the BIOS and change the boot order so that network boot is at the bottom of the list.

i have reinstalled my hard drive a couple of times but i keep getting the same message

and you say check the cables, what cables? like do i have to take my laptop fully apart in order to do that?

thanks for responding

yes ive done it like 4 times and no difference, still says its not detected

probably broke the hard drive

is it possible to break it by just taking it out and putting it in? is it like super delicate?

is it possible to break it by just taking it out and putting it in? is it like super delicate?

check for possible bent pin on it , if the drive is a ide drive and not sata drive

laptop connectors are flimsy

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