can anyone help, i have a hp easynote te and it wont boot with the screen open. if i open it to a third of the way it boots.
it wont display on another screen unless my screen is only open a third, i may be barking up the wrong tree but have read about lid switches but dont know where to start. i am happy to just disable this by disconnecting it if i can.
any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

My first impression is that there a short in the display cable which happens when the cable is flexed past the angle that you described.

There could be a UEFI/BIOS setting to select your external video output as the primary display, which is not common, but is your best option if it is available.

You can use your operating system settings to make your external display the primary (and only) display and you can also go to power options set your OS to 'do nothing' when the screen closes. (by 'do nothing' in this case we mean 'do not sleep/hibernate/shutdown')

The trouble is that if your UEFI/BIOS does not support using an external display as primary, you might have to open your lid a third of the way every time you boot. (but when your operating system power options are configured in a certain way you probably can close it again.)

The UEFI/BIOS checks for hardware before handing everything over to the opertaing system. Depending on the manufacturer's whims, some hardware is optional and some is mandatory. Laptops are for some obvious reasons not really designed to run "headless" (the term for running without a display) though operating systems generally don't care.

What this means in your situation is that your UEFI/BIOS might require that the attached display has power, connects and registers correctly before it will start the operating system. As soon as the operating system begins, everything depends on what the operating system expects/allows and how you configure it.

If you like to take things apart and mess with them, you may find that the cable is loose, or it gets pinched/flexed in the wrong way when the display opens past a certain point. It could be an easy fix. You may be able to find a replacement part online, and if your a really adventurous spirit, you could even splice new wiring into it. I personally love to do that sort of thing, but I can't be responsible for what you do with it, so whatever you do, proceed with caution and regard my input and everyone else's with some healthy and necessary skepticism.

I hope this gives you at least a place to start! Take care!
Oh, and thanks for providing useful information in your question. That makes so much difference in the quality of response people can provide you!

Thanks hithirdwavedust,
problem is now the display has totally gone so I can't open anything to change any settings. looks like its screwdriver and a little bit of luck. thanks again.