So I have a problem, any help would be great. I have a new computer, like 2 weeks old. I have turned off sleep mode so I only have the shut down button and the restart one. When I shut it down, no problem, turn on no problem, its very fast as it should be. Now when I want to do a restart, it shuts down, then powers up and goes into sleep mode... and wont wake up, or I dont know how to! I tried to just turning the screem of and on again, and it comes up with "going into sleep mode"... what to do? some programs tell me to restart them to make them work, (they do not work when simple shutting the PC down and restarting it) it requires a complete restart... but as said it goes into sleep mode..
Any help much appriciated

Just one thing. That message is likely the display going into sleep mode. I've seen that when the PC is working fine but the video mode is out of range of the display. The new to PC person reports the PC is going into sleep mode which is a little off the mark.

To me this sounds like the maker of the PC needs a call to sort out the bum PC. Maybe it's just a driver issue but they should fix it.

commented: I think I will probably call the place where I bought it and see what they have to say. Thank you for the help +0
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