hello guys!!
my compaq laptop Presario V3500 is not starting but the power light are ON and the screen remains blank.....also the fan of my laptop is working instead that all other components remains constant! plz help me what should i do?

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You can chack with specialist Engineer. I think, it's damage the display.

You have most likely overheated it and damaged the graphics chip. You will need a professional to repair it for you.

check for the hard drive first. it might be damaged.

Have you tried to boot via a cd like Linux or original windows disk? If such a boot cd works then the problem is hard drive, if not then you need specialist help as it is an electronics failure.

He gets nothing on the screen, booting from a cd is gonna do nothing about that!

If you have a monitor or screen plug it into the VGA port and turn the laptop on, If the Laptop screen is damaged you may be able to see if the system is POST ing (if the external monitor lights up) and if the system is operational. then try the the next bit wit a bootable CD. Some of the Anthlon64 bit systems suffer VGA failures due tothe fact the CPU and the VGA chip are cooled by the same copper conductor, the VGA chip Deballs from the board as the chip overheats I have checked the spec of this laptop, but if you get no display itwillbe a re-ball or chuck it job

It is an issue of graphic chip. Try to concern with customer care/laptop engineer for change the graphic chip.

Like anything else, start with the basics. Just like when you knew enough to shut 'er down, unplug the computer, give it a count of ten and come back up! Old school - you don't know how to test with multimeter, pull battery, see if it heats up real quick - if so, chances are everything else in that compact little highpowered unit is probably burning up as well. Plug it into a peripheral screen to see if you get lucky - but sometimes, if the battery's not powerful enough, it'll run the lights that can run off the computer clock if it has to. If the battery, in or out of the unit, doesn't heat up right away, then start looking at interference with connections; and if all's well, feel where the heat is coming from, Motherboard? Memory? and see if its a simple pull and plug back in process. I will tell you that laptop computer batteries are infamous for burning up, especially since most of us do not give simple electricity it's just due.

Didn't actually mean to respond twice - but with a house full of teenagers, it seemed my laptop batteries not only zapped out way too soon, but when I'd try to return them for the warranty, they had managed to change product information as well.
Got kidz?

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