i cannot format my hard disk because of bad sectors.... is there a software that can format it?

while formatting the hard drive using darik's nuke and boot (i think thats what the software is called) using a floppy drive....but format stopped after like 90% due to bad sectors...i tried other softwares to remove the bad sector and den format but still doesnt work

now my hard disk is useless... wen i put it as slave in another computer.... the computer detects it but cannot read it i think.... wen i go to my computer none of the partition of the hard disk is found....

so my question is there a way to fix it and format the whole drive... i dont care about the data i backed it up b4 formating...

i really need dis hard disk or i cannot use my comp :( Plz help

Try Partition Magic... Maybe it'll work...

Try this:
split the HD in 2 partitions, with first partition using 85% (a healthy portion), and 2nd partition using the rest.
You shouldn't have problems formatting 1st partition, while 2nd one you can play with later.

Simplest way to split your HD is to use windows setup disc.

i cannot use the windows set up CD..... it wont load with a bad HDD... and b4 formating the HDD i tried to format one of the partition but it wont format... it stays 0% in the format screen :(

i tried in other computers.... it doesnt work
u think if i use partiton magic, it will work? none of the HDD's partitions come up in "my computer"

Do you have a tool in your BIOS for formatting? All you need to do is delete any existing partitions on your bad HD and create one healthy partition. Although bad sectors shouldn't prevent you from having operational drive. It should only make formatting take longer than usual, unless the bad sectors are on the beginning of the drive (boot sectors). Then your HD would be unusable.

There are tools that HD manufacturers offer that can be burned as bootable CD to do a low-level format. Post your HD brand, please

My HD brand is Maxtor 6E040L0
it will be really helpful if u find the software dat i can format the HD with....thankz alot

Look for PowerMax. Tool that erases HD completely. There is downloadable bootable ISO image. If that doesn't work, nothing will.

*forgot to mention*

I have Maxtor too, so I would know... and Maxtor has merged with Seagate, so their customer support is bit on the limited side.

Here's the ISO image you need. It is tricky to find it. There's also one exe for creating bootable floppy with the utility, so use whichever you find more convenient.

thankz i will try it... i will tell u if i get it fixed....thankz alot

Dude!!!!! Thankz alot, u have found the solution to my problem!!!!!

sorry i took some time to answer, i had to buy a new windows CD cuz the one i had got a lot of scratches (maybe thatz y it didnt load)

well thankz alot i low level formatted da drive, without getting the fail message... it got formatted fully dis time with da powermax u gave....thankz again.... bye

Powermax to da people!

Glad to help.

glad my comp is fixed... if i have any otha problems u will be da first one on my list to ask...
if datz okay with u

thankz again

Just fire away.