Hi Guys,

I am having a hard time with my PC. 2 days from now, i started to open it and while running a blue screen always appear. You can see it on my attachment. Does anyone knows how to fix it? or someone tell me what to do??


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For your problem, I suggest give more information about it like what recent program did you install and what new device did you plug-in to your computer? When did it happened?

Problem analysis is needed to find the source of your problem since Blue Screen can be from anything but mostly are from hardware failure such as RAM etc.

dear this is simple problem i think u must do one thing that is to press f12 continue when u just start the system and check the bios settings............and do as it instructrs u there if the error persists then u need to contact me again

There are softwares available which can create this problem. I would suggest you to download this software.

@ firdousahmad, there can be hundreds of reason for bsod. Its not so simple.

Blue screen crash will display all of your pending and an error screen that suddenly come to light that informs you that your screen is frozen. In addition, some errors DLL will also appear and ask if you recently added any new hardware or programs on your computer.Here are some things you can do to fix and solve your blue screen crash. This is especially useful if you're not familiar with the technical team and just want quick and simple solutions.
1. Restart your computer
2. Replace your random access memory (RAM)
3. Run a registry cleaner

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just inter change the ram by placing it to a fresh RAM slot. this will solve your problem

As said in the earlier post by ronald577 just interchange the position of the ram it will solve the problem

You can find the crash dump files inside C:\Windows\Minidump folder. Copy all the files located in that folder and zip them to a single file.
Disable the "User Account Control" if you encounter a permission error. We need at least a minimum of three dumps to find a pattern. 
Attach the zipped dump with the next reply. If the file size is larger than 512KB, upload the zipped dumps to a free file hosting site and post the download link to it.

    Example file hosting sites :




Try to install new window on it .. if happened again then its the problem with hardware.

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