My battery is 100% charged but when ever I take off the A/C adapter the machine will just go off.Now the battery is charged up to 82% but what see at the notification is pluged in, not charging. And when i take off the a/c cable the machine will just go off.

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hermann.loic commented: Hello I had thesame problem once but trust me no one can troubleshoot and fix a battery I will advice you change the battery.Go get anew one and every thing will be ok +0

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How old is the Laptop and battery?

As batteries age the amount of charge they are able to hold reduces, but the battery doesn't "know" this and will report the maximum charge it is able to hold as 100%. For example, if due to age or misuse a battery can only hold half of the charge it once used to, then the system will see that as the most it can hold and call it 100%. But, just imagine that an old battery could only hold just 2 or 3% of what it once could? The system would see that 3% at the maximum of what it could hold and would report it as 100%.

So, if the battery is old, this may explain your problem.

You need to replace the battery.

Before you replace the battery, are you using the original charger or are you using one of those cheapo non-original replacement ones?

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