Im trying to figure this out. Pls help give more direction.
I have a voltage detector and a micro detector.
Once abou 6 mo ago, I was out during a rain storm to return and have difficulty turning it on.
Since then PC would work fine, but once in a while wont turn on. The latest time a week ago, I dismantled the on/off button in an effort to close circuit the two wires, in case the problem is in the on/off button. no luck.( Sometimes tapping the side of the PC turns it on after I push on/off.)
But that time it turned on by turning the power button in the back off then on.
I detect electricity current in the power cable, and possibly some potential in the main on/off button on the front of the machine. I move the speaker wire plug in and out and get some static sound.
Currently the PC doesnt respond to any thig I try. Tried Plugging in and unplugging as well.
How can I determan if the problem is in the power supply box, the on/off swicth or somethingg else?

1 to 2 year old white box windows 7 PC. water cooled video card and processor.

So, the PC is not a laptop/portable unit? It started acting like this after a big rain storm? Is this correct?