Hi everyone,

My first post on Daniweb - I just discovered this site from Google! Looks awesome!

I have a HP Vectra VL420 DT that I bought a month or so ago. The PC is out of warranty.

When I inititally tested it, it worked fine. Now when I try and turn it on it makes a warble sound followed by 2 distinct beeps, which I am told by HP support, means that the PSU is in protected mode - it could mean my motherboard or PSU is faulty.

Now here's the scary thing - I looked up some threads on the HP support site and found some other people who had had the same problem as me. And one guy said he had bought a new PSU and the PC worked, then the 2 beeps came back again!

Has anyone else out there had this problem or have a solution?

Thanks :(

Yes, I have the same problem after about a year of regular use. It started as an intermittent thing, but yesterday, for real. Dead computer, no fans, monitor, no post. When on, green light on mobo stays lit. If I unplug the computer and wait for the power to drain, then plug it back in, the cpu fan "jolts" once and I hear what I am pretty sure is the hard drive unparking, then reparking (one click click), then nothing.