I need to know what ddr memory i should use in my compaq 700 presiro computer. Ddr1,or2

I need help with computer memory


According to this the tech spec states DDR2 at 667Mhz. If you have the exact model number of your machine, then you can search for the tech spec which will tell you exactly what type of memory is supported and how much memory in total the board can take.


Ok. I see three diffrent sets of number at the back of the computer. Numbers at the top, numbers in the middel, and number at the bottom..! Wich is it ??

Could you send me your email address so that i can send you a pic of it! Cause this email is not sending a picture..!

Just note the three here and we will work it out.


Not having much luck finding anything with those numbers.

Is this a really old laptop? I ask because what I can find suggests that it has 128MB or memory soldered and can be upgraded to a total of 384MB by buying an additional 256MB PC133 133Mhz SDRAM SO DIMM 144-pin.

My Source

I comes with a 240 mb built in ram

Yes it is old but very strong an if i could send you a pic, i would! But this web site seems it dosent allow that..

Im pretty confident the site I pointed you to is correct and for $9 it's worth a shot.