Is it okay to install 2GB ram in one slot and 1GB to other slot (channel a of channel b) of my motherboard? my motherboard is from MSI. model is K8NGM2 Series MS-7207(v1.X) Micro-ATX Mainboard.

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what is ddr333/400 ddr sdram?

Firstly you need to check the specification of your computer motherboard. Actually you can install 2+1 gb ram but sometimes error occurred due different memory size. But you should install same frequency of ram properly on both slot.

i would put the 1 GB RAM modules in the firt slot (slot 0) then put the other 2GB module in the other slot just to be safe. other than that, i've never had a probplem with different sized RAM.


I was looking such kind of information.....can you post more tips like this.

i have never really had a problem with different RAM sizes, but every motherboard is different thus they will support different amounts of RAM...


the specs in my motherboard says that one slot supports upto 1GB only . so it's not safe to install 2GB in one slot right ?

That is something that i have come across in my computer, my mobo manual says i can have only 8 GB of ram-- I don't have the money or the time to buy more ram and find out for you but I don't really see the problem, install it and see if it boots, if it does see if the mobo can use all 2GB. if the mobo says only 1 GB per slot, it might just use 1 GB out of the 2 GB module you have. Try it and let us know!


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