Im not sure this is where to put this but to me it seems right. I am looking for advice on how to build my own gaming desktop, but am not sure about all the hardware to put in it. If anyone has done this on there own and could help me out I can explain more to them about what hardware I would like to incorporate into the computer.

Thanks to all for reading.

  1. CPU - either an AMD or Intel 64-bit chip with 4+ cores and runs at 3+GHz.
  2. RAM - 8+GB
  3. Video - Either an nVidia GeForce GT/GTX 730+, or an AMD Radeon card. I'm not familiar with Radeon cards so I can't specify which to get. In any case, get a card with 2+GB of video RAM.
  4. Power supply - at least 750-1000 watts (video cards suck up a lot of RAM).
  5. Good system cooling - water cooling only needed in most extreme cases.
  6. Suitable motherboard and computer case/enclosure.
  7. Decent size HD - 2TB @ 7200rpm is good. SSD's are somewhat faster (not always), smaller, and more costly.
  8. Big (24-27") HD display of at least 1920x1080 pixels. Some games are better with dual displays.