unsure wat details i need to leave so i can get help with my problem

recently, in the past month, the computer has jus been freezing for no reason, even while its idle, then i restart and it hangs during dos
loadup information.

ive had this computer for 5 years and a year ago i upgraded the lot.

if i leave it off for say an hour+ when i turn it back on, itll load
to windows n run fine until it freezes again.
i know it could be from readin other posts, basically anything?
hardware mainly...

i wont list the computer specs as im not sure of wat ive got in there
anymore, but anyone has ideas as to wat i could troubleshoot with,
maybe trying new ram, n seeing if it still hangs?
i havent tryed runnin things in safemode but i will next time i boot
it up.

any ideas would b greatly appreciated...

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There are several things that could cause your computer to crash, buggy drivers, a problem with the OS, problems with other software, and aging parts. Are you getting any error messages?

One of the things I would look for with a computer this old would be bad capacitors, if you are not sure what to look for go to this site, they have several good pictures.


thx for the reply

funnily enough, i got a tip to dust everything, get everything 'clean' again and so far its running fine, ill give it a good test tomorrow, n if i get the problem again ill have a look at what u said!


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