I have an HP Photosmart C4795 printer that I have had for about 5 years. Yesterday while I was printing, I heard a quick succession of loud banging noises that sounded as if two parts inside the printer were hitting eachother, but other than that everything printed normally. Today when I turned it on, it started taking paper as if it were going to print something, even though I hadn't tried to print anything yet. It didnt print anything on this paper, it just fed it through about half-way and then stopped, with the paper sticking out of it. Everything else looked normal. Nothing on the screen indicated what the printer was doing. When I pulled the paper out and tried to print, the screen indicated that it was printing, but it just did the same thing, feeding the paper half-way with nothing on it and stopping. It now does this every time I turn it on and does not print or copy anything. Help!!!!!!!

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Time for a new printer? 5 years is an antique in internet time. I think my last HP printer lasted about 5 years as well before it self-destructed.

Our school gets that too

Have you rebooted both the computer (that's connected to the printer and the one printing to the printer) and the printer? Btw, it isn't a good idea to pull paper from the printer when it's turned on.

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