I have a Microsoft wireless 5000 keyboard that I want to use on my smart tv (the mouse USB is plugged into the TV). I have already tried many suggestions such as ctrl+shift+shift, shift+6, Lshift+Rshift+Lctrl, ctrl+shift+shift+?, and none work. Please, can anybody help?

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Not following you, as to what you are getting at. A keyboard does not care what language you speak, or type in. It is what is called a "dumb" device". Helps to know more, along with what kind of tv you have, and what you are attempting to accomplish.

i dont think smart tv support wireless keyboard or mice on there own do they ,i though you could only use the remote

Some do Caperjack. There are very few that use a keyboard for the browser. Some do have the capabilities to allow Smartphone apps for iOS and Android, to control them.

I have a Samsung 55" Smart TV and finally contacted the store where I bought it. The TV guru had me change the language of the TV to "US" from "Canada" (everything here must be bilingual) and the French keys vanished!! The keyboard works on the TV and is much easier to use than the built in one which requires using the TV remote. Many thanks for the help.

I'm new at this so hope this now shows as question solved.

You would think that the manufacuturer directions would have told you that. But kudos on the store employee knowing what needed to be done, without giving you the run around.

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