Have recently purchased (from a good friend) a second hand Sony Vaio notebook BX196sp, and am now having trouble with starting it up. It does turn on displaying the initial Vaio logo and sound, then a white text line at the top left corner as if it is going to do something, then nothing the screen just goes blank. The fan comes on immediately after and the green power light remains on. I am guessing that the last time i used it may have caused the problem as it was on for several hours, but surely this should not affect it starting up. Arrrggghhhh help!:mad:

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1. do you have the CD's that would have come with it new ? boot from that and re-install.
2. does it have a windows sticker on it with a product key? borrow someone's windows cd abd re-install.

Personally I'd get on another pC with broadband internet somewhere and download Unbuntu linux you'll need to be on a PC with a CDRW and burning software that can do ISO images, or purchase a SUSE Linux distro from a PC store. Stick it in the cdrom and boot from that.

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