When I turn my computer on the computer beeps and the monitor turns on for a second then the monitor turns off.

I checked the video card on a different computer and it works fine. The monitor also works. I also noticed that none of the keyboard lights go on. I tested the memory and hard drive on another computer and they worked.

Does anyone have any clue what could be wrong?

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Usually the beep(s) you hear are trying to tell you something. You might want to reference your motherboard manual. You could also try disconnecting everything from your motherboard except video card and see what happens when you power on. (This would leave just your motherboard, processor, memory and video card.) If you have the same problem and you have indeed verified your memory and vid card - you might have a bad processor or motherboard. You might also want to try to clear your CMOS. Instructions for this would also be in your motherboard manual.


The beep in the beginning is the normal beep that i get whenever i start any of my computers. I tried disconnecting everything except the motherboard, processor, memory and video card and still no video display. I hope its not a bad processor or motherboard cause they are brand new.

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